I been roaming on the dolo.
Riding on the solo.
Been moving so fast,
seems like things are in the slo-mo.

Not sure if it’s my past,
tryna catch up to me.
Or my future informin’,
about where my cautious should be.

I just gotta take it slow.
Never go to fast.
Everytime I rush the shit,
I done fell on my ass.

That’s just how we live and learn,
everybody gets a turn.
Perfection eliminates the desires,
and the yearns.

- j.j.


I wish I might’ve been darker,
might’ve been lighter,
might’ve been whiter.

Might’ve been taller,
might’ve been smarter,
might’ve been more street.

Maybe had the ability,
to stop a girl’s heartbeat,
when she sees me.

Maybe had the ability,
to be looked up to,
so little kids could say,
They wanna be just like me.

Wish I Had the appeal,
or charisma,
to have people naturally,
gravitate towards to me…

Or at least say, “what’s up,
how ya doing?”

Or at least stay,
for more than a minute,
before getting bored…

But I guess,
that’s really all on me…

Got what I got,
so I just have to be…

How long will it last,
guess we gotta see.

- j.j.

I put way too much pressure on my self to thrive in certain situations in a specific amount of time.


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